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“He seems like a good guy, but can I stand one more failed date evening? ” After dozens of typical ‘dumb dates,’ she knew sitting in a dark room watching another movie and having a drink in another dark room wasn’t getting her any closer to marriage. But don’t you think asking questions like this turns the date into some kind of formal interview?

“Take this card and play the dating game.” I handed her a card with 10 questions. On your next date give him this card and ask him to choose two questions which you will answer. You can’t ask more than two questions per date.” Here are the 10 Questions: “You game? I’m afraid it’s a turnoff.” I reassured Karen that I knew from experience with other singles that this works. But if her date is dating for the right reasons, he’ll go along with it. If the questions spark great conversation, that’s a good sign for a second date. ” Click here for a PDF version of the Dating Game Card.

It was around this time that he took a philosophy class, where a non-jewish professor introduced him to the concept of life after death – specifically, that the Jewish religion held beliefs in the afterlife and the soul. Once Marc Firestone entered the professional world, his work as a CPA gave his search for meaning a new dimension.

His work allowed him a close look at the lives of many rich and famous people.

If he’s not interested, you probably shouldn’t be either.” “Okay, I’ll give it a shot,” she replied. If he doesn’t go with my straight talk, he’s not the right guy.” A few days later she popped by my office for a debriefing. “He took me to the restaurant we went to on our first date and pulled out a card with 11 questions. Marc Firestone was raised in a secular household and taught the conventional ideas of the American Dream.

“We went out and the date was fantastic.” To make a long story real short, they kept going out for a few months until one morning she walked into my office with one huge smile. But in his later teen years, he started questioning the Dream, as well as life in general.

It was at this point that he began his Jewish journey.

Marc’s journey has led him to involvement with Project Inspire, a program that equips Orthodox Jews to introduce non-religious Jews to Judaism.

We’ve both had success this year that I know we couldn’t have done alone.

Marc Firestone's good friend, Richard Horowitz, introduced him to the Life Insurance business because he felt it would fit in line with a Jewish lifestyle.

Marc Firestone, Life Insurance specialist, has the skill-set of making the complicated concepts easy to understand which has led him to great success.

My assistant Karen was in her mid-thirties and at the end of her rope with dating.

She had been out with so many men who, for one reason or another, weren’t acting like a mensch. Ready to live out her life finding other pleasures besides marriage.

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It’s amazing what you can achieve when you know you have someone supporting you 100%!

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