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Other characters apart from the Eligible Girls themselves may be involved ultimately in the requirements for marriage. If you do not complete the Requests made by THOSE characters, you may find yourself unable to propose to the girl of your dreams. For each of the eligible Girls, there is only one specific item that will be recognized as a proper birthday gift.

Courtship and Marriage are a very important aspect of most Harvest Moon games and are even more vital in Rune Factory 2, where half of the game is predicated upon your child's existence.

The first rule of Courtship, therefore, in Rune Factory 2 is to experience ALL Request Events! Although gifts can raise heart levels a little as they do in all Harvest Moon games, it is the Requests that are the most vital component in courtship and friendship.

The other way to raise Friendship and Love Levels quickly is by speaking to every character whenever a Festival occurs.

If you fail to marry and have a son or daughter, you never will be able to experience much of the story.

Rune Factory 2 is a game that spans two generations.

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Part of the fun in Harvest Moon is remembering the birthdays of every character and giving them gifts that they particularly like.

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