Dating marbles knives

Dating marbles knives

If we would have had more like him we would have smashed Hitler in 1942". On the ricasso is a unique "thumbprint" ground in for proper positioning on a thrust.

The F/S design was known as a strict killing knife, it really had no utilitarian purposes as it was much too weak for any type of rough prying or such. Lightly armed for fast movement in and out was essential. This new alloy allowed sharp casting edges, a much lower cost then the lathe turned handle and reduced the need for the strategic alloy brass used in the F/S handle.

On a mint example one of the first things to catch your eye is the etching on the blade. On the shoulder up near the grip was the makers name Camillus Cutlery Co. It was a simple leather affair with metal hooks to fit into a cartridge belt and two slits in the back so it could also be used with a normal belt.

In the center of the blade in a swept scroll design was U. The sheath had four distinctive styles in it's short Raider career.

At the bottom of the sheath a brass thong hole was provided with a leather thong as a leg tie down.

This sheath was supplied by the Mosser Leather Company with the thong provided by the Williams Company.

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What was most unusual about them was that they would be combined in the same unit!

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