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Thermal water was calcium sulfate (site 57), calcium bicarbonate (site 58), and sodium bicarbonate (site 100)..Old water was estimated for 2 sites in the mountains and 4 sites on the ESRP; young water was estimated for 3 sites in the mountains, 3 sites on the ESRP, and Camas Creek; and a mixture of young and old water was estimated for 3 sites in the mountains and 4 sites on the ESRP (Table ) or from sites with unusual chemistry (i.e., anoxic water) located in volcanic vent corridors (sites 25 and 29).Groundwater from the other 7 sites on the ESRP was either young or a mixture of young and old water, indicating that a source of young water provided recharge to most of the shallow groundwater in the ESRP.Solutes in groundwater are derived from recharge water, anthropogenic inputs, and chemical reactions.

The source of large concentrations of chloride, sodium, sulfate, and calcium was evaporite deposits in the unsaturated zone associated with Pleistocene Lake Terreton.Groundwater from wells (sites 3, 32, and 35) and cold springs (sites 55, 56, and 59) in the mountains had temperatures ranging from 5.8 to 12.8 °C, p H ranging from 6.9 to 7.8, Sp C ranging from 258 to 523 µS/cm at 25 °C, were anoxic to slightly undersaturated with oxygen (1.1–94.4 % saturation), and had moderate-to-large carbon dioxide (CO ranged from −3.25 to −1.72.Cation and anion concentrations (in mg/L) ranged from 15 to 109 for calcium, 4.6 to 33.0 for magnesium, 9.0 to 85.0 for sodium, 2.0 to 7.2 for potassium, 131 to 457 for bicarbonate, 5.6 to 121 for chloride, 5.3 to 91.3 for sulfate, 0.15 to 1.01 for fluoride, and 0.03 mg/L as N were measured in water from a few sites (sites 18, 25, 27, and 29), and large lithium concentrations were measured at sites 25 (71 μg/L) and 29 (47 μg/L).The depth to water in wells (excluding the 3,159-m deep test well INEL-1, site 100; Fig.) on the ESRP ranged from about 3–137 m with a mean depth of about 53 m; the maximum depth of well open intervals was 71 m with a mean maximum depth of 33 m.

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Nitrate concentrations were ≤0.25 mg/L as N (Table ).

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