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If a person is undetectable and stays on treatment, they cannot pass HIV on to a partner.No study has ever shown HIV transmission from someone with an undetectable viral load." I paid the bill and left.' Essentially, Fratti tells Daily Mail Online, she believes the stigma and offensive comments is down to not just ignorance but also prejudice and privilege.'I think people, especially heterosexual, cisgendered, probably more white people than not, allow their prejudices to think that HIV only happens to "those" people — gay men or drug users and sex workers or it's ravaging countries in Africa,' she says.'First of all, "those people" matter and should have as many rights and access to healthcare and support systems as anyone else does.'And also, a virus doesn't know your skin color or your sexual orientation — if you're sexually active and not being safe, you are at risk, plain and simple.'I'm sick of hearing cis men my age, in New York City of all places, complain about using a condom — like, "are you for real, dude? " Wake up.'She adds: 'I want to use a condom so I don't get whatever STI they might have or make a baby I don't want, not because I'm scared of giving them HIV, because that is not scientifically possible.' Ultimately, Fratti concludes in her Redbook essay that she feels gratitude that having HIV has shown her 'what it means to date more carefully, like a "grown up," whatever that means'.'Maybe everyone eventually grows out of their hookup phase, I don't know, but my diagnosis hurried up that process,' she writes.'I used to think my active sex life meant that I was sex positive, but I wasn't. You know, that’s something that happens to other people. The person that gave me HIV did not disclose to me, and later disclosed to me after the fact.” Both women work for Seattle’s Babe’s Network. Dating is hard enough as it is, but having to tell someone that you’re HIV positive makes it even harder. “At the time, I was homeless and using drugs and making very bad choices in my life. ” Recently, they’ve been getting asked more and more about dating.

Though Fratti explains it was for the best ('Matt had never been a good match for me, really') it meant she would have to face her new reality of being HIV positive, while also trying to date - not least in the brutal age of Tinder.

To date, an undetectable load is almost always achieved with daily doses of antiretroviral drugs.

But a number of clinical trials - including PRO-140 by Cyto Dyn, which Charlie Sheen is involved in - hope to be developing treatments that could be administered on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

There still needs to be more education out in the community.” Nicole just got out of a five year relationship, so she’s single and trying to date.

“I dated a guy, recently, and the disclosure did not go well.

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