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Spring Recess* (Or Make Up jj Period for Lost Snow Days) j!

Program Counseling at Extensions Program counselors are available on a regular schedule at Lincoln Col- ege extensions at: the Wyman Junior High School, Burlington; the North High School, Framingham; the North High School, Weymouth; the English High School, Lynn; the Junior High School North, Norwood; and the Nor- vood Airport, Norwood. Willis ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION Officers of the University Asa S. I, II, III Principles of Computer Programming I, Technical Elective Total A. degree 96 Note: Associate degree graduates may transfer applicable credits toward th requirements in other Lincoln College programs leading to the Associate I Engineering, Associate in Science, or Bachelor of Engineering Technology degreets; binary operations; mappings; rings, integers, fields; rationals; reals, )ases for computer applications; Euclidean algorithm; primes. .341, 02.342, 02.343 Materials I, II, III 6 91.304, 91.305 Fire Prevention I, II 4 ! 1.341, 01.342, 01.343 Fluid Mechanics I, II, III 6 ? 11.317 Physics I (Mechanics) (4 cl., 4 q.h.) Kinematics and dynamics of particle motion; Newton's laws; projectile and cir- cular motion; conservation laws for momentum and energy; rotational motion; simple harmonic motion. Theory of field-effect transistors, integrated cuits, and photoelectric devices. .301, 02.302, 02.303 Mechanics (Statics) I, II, III 6 ).320, 10.321, 10.322 Calculus I, II, III 8 ? 11.318 Physics II (Wave Motion, Sound, Heat) (4 cl., 4 q.h.) Wave motion; intensity; interference phenomena; Doppler effect; vibrating sys- tems; temperature; heat; change of state; heat transfer; kinetic theory of gases; general gas laws; thermodynamics. Fundamentals of semiconductors, /stal diodes, and transistors. Properties of atoms and electrons as re- :ed to conduction of electricity in solids. Theory of Id-effect transistors, integrated circuits and photoelectric devices. Course will include a /lew of the fundamental concepts of light and spectroscopy, the basic theory lasers, studies of solid state; atomic, ionic and molecular gas; organic dye; d semiconductor lasers.

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