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It’s probably worse even if it’s more versatile, but it remains a necessity if you want to beat the Turbo Emrakul decks. This card is actually from the Planeswalker Decks introduced at the same time as , they are exclusive to this pre-constructed deck, but still legal in Standard.

I talked in my other article about how the departure of Dromoka’s Command is going to make red and enchantments drastically better, and I can’t stress enough how much blue/red benefits, not only from some cards rotating out, but also the following: Blue/red will certainly be the most grateful to get its own fast-land. In the past, these “weirdly legal” cards were not good, like Serra Angel and Sengir Vampire, but this time they printed cards that look somewhat playable.

Those won’t really add to the decks surviving rotation that I covered a few weeks ago, but there are still some nice new tools to work with. I think the biggest loss here is Nissa, Vastwood Seer, but it wasn’t that necessary and the rest is nearly intact.

I will have to play some games with it to see if the second activation makes it worth the card, since you’re actually netting card advantage, but at the cost of 2 life and 5 mana total.Phone reviews Mobile phones catalog About us Feedback Mobile phones Acer (59) Alcatel (238) Amoi (78) Asus (65) Audiovox (73) Ben Q (40) Bird (79) Black Berry (69) Ericsson (72) Fly (188) Haier (92) HTC (135) Huawei (77) i-mobile (112) Kyocera (91) LG (653) Maxon (62) Micromax (45) Motorola (593) NEC (105) Nokia (601) O2 (54) Panasonic (69) Pantech (109) Philips (190) Sagem (188) Samsung (1144) Sanyo (57) Sharp (73) Siemens (138) Sony (48) Sony Ericsson (227) Telit (43) T-Mobile (48) Vertu (51) VK Mobile (65) Vodafone (55) ZTE (76) More While everyone thinks that Nokia E72 is the improved version of the E71, the users of the latter think about it both as the best and disappointing device of this year.It is notable, that most guys dealing with mass media use the E71, thats way our guest today is so interesting.Sequestered Stash seems pretty bad to me because it doesn’t put the artifact in your hand and you’re sacrificing a land in a deck where you’re trying to get to Emrakul.But I can imagine a build without Emrakul that plays a more aggressive version of BG, utilizing Grim Flayer.

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