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In this town is a strip club called the Sundowner, which back in the day was very well none for basically being a whore house. I believe this is about a man who has had his wife/girlfriend cheat on him with someone he knows she frequents with his permission. He is thinking about what is going on when he is not there...while they are meeting behind his back. I have every right to expect that never to happen to me."I just heard this song today and that was the first time I heard it since the 70s, it brought back some great memories and Im going to buy the album so I can hear is somemore.The lyrics have some depth too, Ill have to see what other songs this guy has since I dont know much about him.It sounds like it is about his woman cheating on him. Every man from time to time have always had that beautiful woman, who can't be held no more than a night and the light passing through that morning upon her face is as fleeting as a 4 minute song on a radio! That's his dilema, he doesn't want the crazy broad, but he does. Many rock stars have a common skeleton in their closet and many rock songs are cryptic riddles that appear to be about a woman or love, but are really about something else. Of course, can't deny that those bad boys could also turn a pretty tune. The crazy ones make you nuts, but you can't marry em.Many said it was about a hooker; well possibly, but perhaps just a "loose woman" as someone suggested. This is a very rivoting song.arch, SD, Cal -- If you're looking into Gord's other works, I recommend the album, Summertime Dream.My favorite lyrics are "Sometimes, I think it's a sin, when I feel like I'm winning when I'm losing again". It's more similar to this song, Sundown, than are his early works, like Early Mornin Rain, which I also like, and was covered by just about every major folk-style artist in the late 60's.I love 'The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald,' nonpareil! How many of u personally spoke to Gordon and now are experts so that you can come on here and tell us what the meaning of this song is? The song and Lightfoot have always been near the top of my personal list of songs and songwriters.

A couple of years ago he mentioend that "Sundown" was Bruce Cockburn's nickname and it is written about an affair he had with Lightfoot's wife.I does on the surface seem to be a song about someone cheating with his girl though he knows that the guy cant help himself, but the girl could, so he drinks to numb the pain.But the surface lyrics are hardly the real meanings and sometimes the lyrics are symbolic.You know, Sundown is the straight version and the other one is the gay version but they're both basically the same song. I understand that this song was written in a tiny little hamlet called Sundown located in upstate NYS.There was a summer residence and apparently Lightfoot was a visitor there when he wrote the song. Lightfoot beganto suspect that his friend was having an affair with his first wife. Lightfoot's marrige was on the rocks to begin with, and also when he was struggling with pretty serious problem with alcohol and the violence that drinking tended to bring out of him.

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Most of us from Richmond Hill (us lucky ones escaped) have heard that Brian Good was the actual dude sneakin' around Lightfoot's back stairs. largely thanks to Lightfoot and his music industry connections. This is definitely about a woman he cares for and worries about her fidelity. He feels like he's winning but he's losing again because he can't stay away from her, even though he should. If you don't get that, you haven't f--ked the right girl.

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