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“[People] don’t have to go [to the super nightclubs] … If you don’t want to see the sea, don’t go to the beach,” she said, as she recalled a trip to Amsterdam where police were handing out condoms to prostitutes in the streets.Sardouk says she opposes any kind of child prostitution and sex tourism.“Personally, as I woman, I hate that, to be kept inside, under control, [but] this is the law,” Sardouk said.“If the woman signed the contract, and she’s aware about what she’s going to do and agree with this, then I cannot defend her if she agreed with this.” Locking the women inside their hotels during certain hours is one way the authorities try to keep the industry tightly regulated, and Lebanon’s Directorate of General Security does commit a significant amount of man power to super nightclub law enforcement. Trafficking in Person’s report that came out in June states that Lebanon’s General Security reported “47 complaints of physical abuse, rape, and withheld earnings of foreign women working in adult clubs in 2008.” The report said the complaints “may have involved conditions of involuntary servitude.” Most of the cases, the report says, “were settled out of court and the victims deported.” Because the “artists” are deported, the reported cases of abuse may be far lower than actually occur in reality.Licenses for brothels have not been issued since the 1970s. Some are lonely, and they come because they don’t know how to build relations.” In order to speak with one of the female “artists,” a customer must order “Champagne” and select the woman whom he wants to have sit at his table.

On average, 10 to 30 customers come in every evening. “I usually make ,000 to ,000 a month in profit,” the owner said.To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected] - Lebanon's security forces have dismantled the country's largest known sex trafficking ring and freed 75 mainly Syrian women, a security source said on Friday.BEIRUT, Lebanon — Twenty minutes north of Beirut, in the Christian heartland of Lebanon is Jounieh, the country’s little Las Vegas, where dozens of “super nightclubs,” Lebanon’s equivalent of strip clubs, line the main street.Inside one club, called Excalibur, a young woman from the Dominican Republic wore white denim-shorts cut just below the crotch, stiletto heels and a tight T-shirt that stopped just above her navel. More: Transgender lives a different life in Lebanon She was in Lebanon legally, classified by immigration authorities as an “artist,” owing to the fact that she dances on stage at some point during the night.

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Authorities said Westling will be transported to the Washington County Jail and will face additional sanctions.

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