Problems with ice core dating

Problems with ice core dating

For the visible strata (and, we believe, for any other annual indicator at accumulation rates representative of central Greenland), it is almost certain that variability exists at the sub-seasonal or storm level, at the annual level and for various longer periodicities (2-year, sunspot, etc).

We certainly must entertain the possibility of misidentifying the deposit of a large storm or a snow dune as an entire year or missing a weak indication of a summer and thus picking a 2-year interval as 1 year.’ I could go on and on, but will briefly mention a few other misinterpretations in Seely’s article.

He must have misinterpreted my statements because such constraints on annual layer thickness .

It is like numerical analysis in which a first guess is required to begin and then successive computer iterations change the first guess somewhat to arrive at hopefully the correct answer.

For instance, if the first guess concludes that the annual layer thickness at the 2,500-metre depth is around 1 centimetre, annual layer counting will not allow an annual layer thickness of 5 centimetres, let alone about 3 metres as in the creationist model.

The variability in the measured parameters and the impact of non-periodic events provide adequate scope to find a preferred fit to the data.

All late ‘Cenozoic’ climatic data sets, including deep-sea cores, must (according to the reigning paradigm) follow this assumed mechanism, which has innumerable problems.

Furthermore, he only partially understands the climatic differences between the uniformitarian model and the creationist Ice Age model.

Storms can cause depth hoar layers if the temperature gradient is sufficient during the changes between warm and cold sectors of storms.

Although dust bands are generally annual today, this does not mean they were annual in the past.

The period between 12,000 and 110,000 years would correspond to the Ice Age—a very dusty period with a unique climate.

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Seely states that volcanic spikes in acidity can be used to check the dating from deep in the ice cores.

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