Radiometric dating dinosaur bones dating pottery archaeology

Radiometric dating dinosaur bones

And the imprints have been well preserved, which also constrains the time before the subsequent sediment was deposited on top.If the footprints had been exposed for any longer than a few weeks they would have been eroded away.

How could there have been a fast flowing river system, followed by a dry desert, followed by another river system?

He said the animal that made that print could be 7 or 8 metres high at the hip and more than 35 metres long.

These footprints were made during the global Flood of Noah’s day as recorded in the Bible.

There are so many clues in the rocks at that point to the catastrophe of Noah’s Flood, yet Steve Salisbury and his team did not make the connection.

They have been trained for years to think in one particular way, and Noah’s Flood is not on their radar.

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