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The agents and officers shall have that rank or title as may be provided under the State Employees Classification System.

The chief may appoint other personnel considered necessary and as provided for in the annual appropriations act.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is authorized to accept fingerprints of applicants for admission to the South Carolina Bar and, to the extent provided for by federal law, to exchange state, multistate, and federal criminal history records with the South Carolina Board of Law Examiners for licensing purposes. A person seeking a covered position, as defined in 45 C. The results of these criminal history background checks must be reported to the commission. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all revenue generated by the State Law Enforcement Division from the sale of vehicles, various equipment, and gasoline, and insurance claims during the prior fiscal year may be retained, carried forward, and expended for the purpose of purchasing like items. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division shall administer the South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program (SC LEAP). 46, Section 3, in the second sentence, inserted "as well as providing counseling services to law enforcement officers experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma and stress-related disorders", and made nonsubstantive changes.

The chief may only be removed pursuant to the provisions of Section 1-3-240 of the 1976 Code.

The agents and officers of the division must be commissioned by the Governor upon the recommendation of the chief.

These civil and criminal laws also include regulations and ordinances pertinent thereto.

The duties, functions, and powers of these law enforcement personnel are devolved upon the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the law enforcement personnel of this agency on the effective date of this section shall perform their duties and functions under the auspices of the division and shall become a part of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division in the manner provided by law. Every officer and agent commissioned pursuant to this article shall file a bond, or be covered by a surety bond, of not less than two thousand dollars with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, subscribed by a licensed surety company, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties, for the prompt and proper accounting of all funds coming into his hands, and for the payment of a judgment recovered against him in a court of competent jurisdiction upon a cause of action arising out of breach or abuse of official duty or power and for the payment of damages sustained by a member of the public from an unlawful act of the officer or agent.

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The division must be headed by a chief appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate and shall hold office until his successor is appointed and qualified. On the effective date of the provisions of this section providing for a six-year term for the chief, a successor to the chief serving on this date must be appointed as provided herein.

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