Tantra tantric personals dating

Tantra tantric personals dating

So like everywhere else in my life, I decided to approach it from a spiritual perspective.

When it comes to love and sex, Tantra is my subtext.

Yet according to ancient tantric rituals, the female is deeply revered and considered an initiator of sorts. So you see, the male or female energy can initiate.

The feminine is always on the receiving side of the masculine penetration, but in Tantra “penetration” and “initiation” are two different things, and that’s where we get confused.

Closing your eyes, getting out of the realm of the visual, is one of the most transformative practices you could take up.

In the same way that silence can be the most beautiful sound of all, not seeing in the way you’ve been trained to see could offer you unexpected vision.” Nevertheless, the content would be more accessible if the text were thoroughly proofread to eliminate minor inconsistencies, bloopers and unnecessarily complicated sentence structures. would significantly improve the readability and clarity of the book.

In this sense, it’s certainly in a much more sophisticated class than ‘Dating for Dummies 101’. She writes in a way that is easy to read – deceptively so, since each short chapter provides the basis for serious self-reflection, contemplation “Even if you’re not concerned with dating or finding a partner, consider how relying primarily on your eyes for information might be keeping you from more fully exploring smell, touch, sound, and taste.

And Tantra embraces opposites, playing with concepts of light and dark, attraction and repulsion, hot and cold, and obviously, male and female.

As Osho writes in; “Tantra says that when the ultimate bliss and ecstasy comes inside you, it means your own positive and negative pole have come to a meeting – because every man is both man and woman, and every woman is both is both man and woman.

Then by some magical stroke of luck or maybe the stars have aligned in my favor I see, I see: “Strictly Anything”…fucking finally a girl who isn’t a new age picky bitch, thank god!

Hi I’m Johnny, its nice to meet you.” Where was the quality? And if I’m online, then my equal is probably online, too. Insecurity is not gender specific, and rejection is scary. We all have egos that need to be stroked once in a while.

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