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Elsa Hosk is a Victoria’s Secret contract girl, the new Candice, since Candice is old and boring, despite still being hot…only she’s as old as Candice so I don’t really know how she worked her way into this, but I do know she used to be a low level nude model, who broke through the noise and became a VS girl, getting paid, later in her career, giving all the slutty girls on IG hope that they will be found before turning 30 too…

She’s in a fashion magazine…these are the pics…not very nude – but I assume it’s because she’s getting paid well now and getting PR now she doesn’t need the attention. In Lea Michele news, or what I call, “What is Lea Michele’s Penis Up To”…not because I care about Lea Michele’s penis, but because I am convinced she was born with one, even if she may not have been born with them, it just feels nice to say after all the face fillers and attempt to feminize her hard face…without much success…

I am not a fan of Chloe Grace Moretz, but people are, mainly nerdy dudes like you who like or follow celebs especially those in comic book movies who are young…even though celebs are the the worst fucking humans, entitled with the biggest fucking egos, who are destroying society with their lies and existence, who are not as hot as they pretend to be, or think they are, that perpetuates nonsense, hypocritical bullshit, like how Leo pretends to be an environmentalist while flying models around on private jets, or Chloe Grace pretends she’s hot wearing leggings…just all smoke and mirrors, distractions, from what is actually good in the world..

But then again, I have a legging fetish, I like the way leggings hug a shitty ass, and vagina…in public…like a good friend…and even short thick legs on a midget fat girl from the movies look better than usual….

I don’t find Bella Hadid hot, interesting, cool, doing cool shit, an idol or inspiration…she’s just a lot of unexplained hype…but this is what she’s up to if you’re into it…which you are thanks to her tits. Rihanna is on the cover of Vogue Arabia, because countries that don’t like their women driving or working because it means being around other men, really appreciate American music from earner Rihanna who is naked or half naked and singing about sex…you know totally in line with their culture if you look at it from an OIL MONEY BILLIONAIRE ON A YACHT perspective…because we know that despite all the rules of the religion, people break the rules, especially when rich as fuck, with access to celebrities and fancy gold things..which may be backwards but that works for Rihanna because she’s a puppet that can be bought by the highest bidder, and that Arab money, is likely the highest bidder, they spend on shit this Rihanna…I mean just look at Lohan…you see her prostiting has gone from British tourists in Barbados to execs in NYC to the Oil Fields…getting paid…work work work work work or some shit….

She’s gone from beach girlfriend, cute california girl, with a ton of followers…who brands could have theoretically used for all their beach lifestyle things, I’m talking all brands…but instead she’s getting bolt on tits and half naked on the beach….something girls usually do to get the followers in the first place.she has a great body…Maybe the BOTOX, maybe other issues…but ultimately…if you can’t smile at pugs…you are the DEVIL…ROBOT…. I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on Nicole Murphy and that makes me feel like a racist, since she’s very accomplished as the ex wife of Ed Murphy the comedian everyone fucking loved in the 80s and 90s…I guess as a TV producer who created a show about Hollywood Exes, because I guess there is a club of them who all give each other high fives and discuss dealing with egos, massaging egos, until those egos married them and made them a lot of money…The most interesting thing about Nicole Murphy is that she was scouted as a model at 13, which is fucking disgusting…was dating Eddie in 1988…while modeling…and now she’s pumping gas like a commoner, a very rich commoner, which I guess should be a fetish to some of you, you know seeing a girl jack her car up with fluids from a phallus…so erotic…I don’t know why she’s giggling as she demos bouncing on a dick, but this is bouncing on a dick motion and there is no way she’s not demonstrating bouncing on a dick, and that’s not just me saying it because that’s what I want it to be….she’s in a thong bikini topless holding her tits arching her back while on her knees bouncing up and down while giggling…WE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON HERE…I guess it’s polarized as not against the instagram terms and services because she’s got massive following… Victoria Germyn is a hot model from Instagram who is signed to an agency – because agencies are trying to survive and will sign anyone – it costs them nothing and often times the agencies have fees that the models pay to be listed on their book – allowing them to make some money – you know if the buy in is 2000 dollars across 3000 girls…that’s some nice residual income you can use on seducing hot chicks on instagram to fuck you for a contract…know she’s it’s not the main revenue stream of the biz… Heather Graham is old…she’s rocking some coconuts…which is literal, not reference to her tits, I’m autistic like that…even though she’s in a bikini and you can assume there are tits involved in this outfit…and she’s known for her tits.

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What I do think could happen to her is the MDMA she’s taking as a raver turns into heroin or crack, it often does for the weak ones…and in a few years she’ll be in a series of rehab centers or dead… I am amazed that I have posted on Angela Olszewska before…

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