Xmlvalidatingreader schematype property

This gives an easier and more intuitive programming model.

Another advantage to this is that a pull model can be selective about the data that is sent to the application: if you don't want all of the data, then you don't need to process it.

When you are on an element node, you can check for the existence of attributes, and optionally retreive the attribute values. This is an event that gets raised when a validation error occurs.

Then, the Validation Type property is set to Schema, since the XML file is to be validated with the Schema.

The property Schemas is of type Xml Schema Collection, which stores the name of the XSD file that is to be utilized for validation.

In a push model, all of the XML data has to be processed by the application whether it is needed or not.

Let's take a look at a very simple example of reading XML data, and then we can take a closer look at the enumeration, and when we find a text node, we add the text value to the listbox.

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Before incorporating the data in its databases, the receiving machine first validates the data by scrutinizing the schema.

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